Hello everyone!

Hi friends,

I’m here for seeing my Cat Printer project being introduced.
Kinda a coincidence!

I firstly got here by GitHub traffic statistics. But just when I’m writing I open NeoChat (a matrix client) and found Picard told me about this. We had contact earlier and he is one of the contributors!

I can’t (yet?) do German. But let me introduce myself anyway…


In fact I’m not a photography profession. But I want to meet this (in-future) friendly & kind community, and feel the bright side of communication & sharing. And, a person may have more than one hobby, right?

My phone shots bad pictures. Hope I will get better one.

I prefer creating simple digital arts.
Preferred tools: GIMP (bitmap), InkScape (vector graph), Kdenlive (video), Audacity (audio)

But things are more surprising than expected: you guys also love digital technology!

My workspace: Linux/GNU/Artix/KDE/VSCodium
And development stack: Python/Web/JavaScript/TypeScript, and (only) a little about C, C++, C#, Go
Along with belief of Unix Philosophy. And passion to learn new things.

So that I think I could share my experience & ideas in later days, and offer help if there are difficulty.

Off-topics: I also like weird & funny memes, about tech or not.
And yummy snacks…


I’m calm and like calm places.

I like to see things to go positive. But never pretend bad things not exist – in that case I fight for truth.

My faith is Software Freedom.

I care about people’s feelings. When making things, especially software, I think about everyone, internationally.

Social info

It’s true that I’m Chinese. It’s also true that I’m young.

For reasons all around I have no international social media.
And for timezone problem I may respond late.

Current recommended way to follow up is through GitHub.
And matrix (chat): [at]naitlee[colon]tchncs[dot]de

Glad to meet you!

Cat Printer specific

I very appreciate that it’s being noted & used in expected situation(s),
while Cat Printer isn’t all – there could be more useful stuffs I work on.

Hope you like it!

And to clarify:

I personally don’t want my things to be tagged with region or (programming) language.
Actually that’s what people did to proprietary bad/compromised apps.
Introduce it as usual, and just think it belongs to everyone!
Don’t forget the most worthy point: it’s free-as-in-freedom.

Besides that, this „version/variant“ of cat printer shouldn’t be called a „script“, because there are many individual files, and non-python user interface & system dependencies.
One of its goal is ease-of-use on Web UI. Try „project/program/application“.


I may sometimes be inactive for a period. It depends.

I wrote this before applying for an account…

Sorry about that I tried machine translating on this site…


I see the forum is very early. Should there be places for other languages? (Well I think English is enough…)

Or should I learn German language, in the future?
(Communication with kind people here feel like breeze!)

What else do you want to know about me and my surrounding?

Anything that hard to understand in Cat Printer? Feature requests?

It’s nice to welcome you to this group as well. I don’t know yet if we will build an international section in this forum because of the many international students. @sven what do you think about it as an admin?

On this very young site, it will be mainly about photography in one area of Germany. Without German it might be a little bit more difficult, but the translation programs are getting better and better.

The link to you, should show you how I enjoy your work with the thermal printer and that it can be used for perhaps unimagined projects. I had not expected the joyful moment that you understand it as an invitation and immediately introduce yourself so nicely.

I think if you ever don’t understand something, everyone here is very happy to help. And so welcome from my side.

Hello and welcome to the forum! Thank you for introducing yourself in such a friendly and detailed manner.

This community is geared towards the Leipzig area and is therefore German-speaking. There are no plans to set up areas in other languages.

This does not have to be a disadvantage, but can also serve as an incentive for you to learn German. :wink:

Thank you for taking part. :smiley:

Thank you very much!

I’ll definitely learn more – that’s always my interest.

I just do almost the same as I did to English :grin: Let me progress slowly.

And photography, taking another hobby could wipe out all boring things.

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