My "flytrap" plant (Venusfliegenfalle), and Inspiration on Plants & Nature

It’s not so far after I bought 2 „flytrap“ plants, to try to keep those flies away – they are quite annoying this summer!

Yes, by „flytrap“ it’s kind of green little plant, that have „mouths“, to catch & eat flies or other flying thingy.
That will be very interesting to most people! See more on Wikipedia at here (en) or here (de)

But more than that, when I noticed existence of the art of nature, I almost always want to take a picture.
And this time I tried to leverage my mere photography knowledge about it with my mobile phone…

I costed one hour and got 2 satisfying pieces:

This one isn’t that good… The phone camera has bad focusing capability, and even though I always focus manually, it can’t do „depth“ well – leafs are here and there!

But see this:

So that I decided to „shot one thing and shot it well“. By focusing on a single part, it gave a unique spot: feeling of „new-born“. Maybe is the best!
(I think it can be my alternative wallpaper, pleasant and cool. You can have a try, too!)

Since they are young, it have no red color (as shown in Wikipedia pics) nor many „leafs“. Though, keeping it was made simple enough – just put water regularly. Hope it will remain well!


  • Photos taken with Open Camera, available on F-Droid
  • Photos taken with HDR, they feel best as for that time
  • Photos slightly manipulated with GIMP, notably used „focus blurring“ filter. Exported as 1920x1080 jpeg with 90% compression
  • Copyright? For this time I’d put to public domain. CC0-1.0-only

I live in a village. Though development changed it somehow, here still have the best explanation of nature – feel it, and it’s just pure like that.

In contrast, nowadays people have modern urban life. It’s great to enjoy all benefits it takes to you/us, to expand ones experience & view.

While difference are there: when talk about „street“, my mind comes thoughts of a regular & busy life – but when photography takes place (that „Straßenfotografie“ around here!), it will turn a sudden of seemingly-casual pass to a colorful frame full of details, and people will remember, imagine, and feel life – it’s not until here I feeling about how impressive it is.

And after that, let’s back to plants: In reality, I hardly see people in cities enjoy plants, and now it even become an „absence of beauty“. More than that, environmental problem raised – too much carbon & heat, over-use of non-reproductive resources, and lose of ecosystem balance.

So what can we do about this? This is a photography community, let’s take some relative photos, with various ideas, and share them, so that people would touch nature, have fun, feel diversity, „get the lost piece back“.

Some Ideas:

  • Start with as simple as Roses or Trees, around local environment. Maybe a garden?
  • Something special, like this „flytrap“, that can be also apparently funny or useful
  • I think taking pictures about „people interacting with nature“ could bring it to life
  • Record real-life actions that caring about our ecosystem
  • A dedicated „nature“ (sub-)category, or something similar?

Inspiration isn’t stopped here, there are far more possibilities, or even opportunities…

Thank you!

1 „Gefällt mir“

the color looks very good and it shows great details

1 „Gefällt mir“

Thanks :slight_smile:, and glad to see guys are still here!

It’s months, and now the plant have a few large leafs. Maybe I need another shot.
Some flies were caught, too.

I will go to school next month. A somewhat far place, in city. Hope the plants will stay well.

Besides that, maybe I can share school pictures, if I have chance to take some.
I want to enjoy something beyond computer/technology. Let me see…

I unfortunately had some health problems after my last short vacation and the community has not grown that big yet.